Kate Major Roasts Jon Gosselin.

In an interview given to Radar Online Kate Major brands ex Jon Gosselin as a user and a huge loser. I find this really funny as she is now with Gosselins ex BFF Micheal Lohan. Lohan has most recently been in the news for alledgedly kicking his ex in her special place. Kate goes on to warn Gosselins new squeeze to be careful and remember what the former reality star has done to other women. Kate I thought you were once a reporter for Star magazine Don’t you remember the slimeball that your dating can’t keep his mouth shut about his little girl Lindsays Private life. The fact that she can’t stand her Dad should be a clue. I guess some people have to learn the hard way huh Kate.

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WTF Kate Major And Micheal Lohan Are Dating???

According to confirmed reports Kate Major best known for her relationship with ex beau octodad Jon Gosselin is now dating Micheal Lohan. Lohan whos biggest claim to fame recently is being in hot water with the law after kicking his ex-girlfriend in her special place. Kate I am begging you take this creep on a trip to dumpsville I’ll drive.

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