Boston Legal Actor Dead At 27.

Justin Mentell, April 2007
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Justin Mentell best known for his role on Boston Legal was killed in an SUV crash Monday. The 27 year old portrayed lawyer Garret Wells in the 2005 -2006 seasons. Mentell was killed after his SUV went down an embankment and hit two trees somewhere near Blanchardville Wisconsin.

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Justin Mentell Dead at 27 | Showbiz Spy – celebrity news, rumors …

JUSTIN Mentell, a former star of ABC’s Boston Legal, died in a car accident in rural Wisconsin on Monday. He was 27 years old. The actor — who played lawyer.

Justin Mentell Dead – Boston Legal Star Dies at 27 in a Car Accident

Justin Mentell, who were very familiar in ABC’s “Boston Legal” during 2005 – 2006 season is dead. Justin Mentell dies at 27 in a car accident. Reported from Examiner, Justin Mentell died after his Jeep hit two trees in Monday morning. …

Justin Mentell Dead in Car CRASH

Boston Legal star Justin Mentell is dead from a car crash. Justin Mentell has died in a car crash, his death confirmed by the Wisconsin State Journal.

Justin Mentell and Achieving Fame Via Death – Sara Libby – Ill …

If you asked any of the thousands of Twitterers sending out woeful “RIP Justin Mentell” tweets just 24 hours ago who the young man was, I doubt more than a handful, if that, could tell you. But the actor, who had a role in the TV show …

Boston Legal Star Justin Mentell Dies in Car Crash at 27 | CelebTV …

Actor Justin Mentell was killed in a car accident Monday outside of Madison, WI. httpvhd://

365DayNews.Com: Boston Legal Actor Justin Mentell Dies at 27

Former Boston Legal actor Justin Mentell has died following a car crash in rural Wisconsin, the Iowa County Sheriff’s Department said. He was 27. Mentell.

Justin Mentell Dies at 27 | Gabby Babble

Sad news – young actor Justin Mentell has died after a car accident in Wisconsin, according to Star magazine. Justin starred in Boston Legal as attorney Garrett Wells. He was only 27. Iowa County Sherrif’s Department reported that …

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