The Housewives Weigh in On Heidi.

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Heidi Montag is being slammed by the Real Housewives of NYC and Orange County. Alex McCord star of the reality Series Real Housewives of NYC was quoted as saying”It does not set a good example to her fans,” the reality star told in an exclusive interview. “One thing I have learned from doing this show is that people really do judge or commend you. And there are a lot of young impressionable women that watch her show. It is terrible to think that a young woman with body issues could be watching it, see her transformation and  commend her thinking that having surgery is the answer. People don’t go having ten procedures every day. It isn’t the norm.” Gretchen Rossi  who stars on The Real Housewives of Orange County echoed similar sentiments to the Gossip site in an interview that she gave to them recently “She looks like a Cat Woman now!  The one eyebrow just goes so far up now.  The eye looks weird to me now.” The OC reality star told“She didn’t need it.  She was beautiful.  She was really such a pretty girl.  What is she 23 or 24?

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